Stay Safe


Stay Safe, Stay Saint George is our commitment to prioritize and protect the health, safety and well-being of staff, guests, partners and the community at the St. George Hotel and Medical Spa.

Challenging modernity requires additional precautions. In order to comply with government directives and recommendations from health organizations and to offer you optimal protection, we have upgraded the existing protocols and procedures. We have developed the Stay Safe program, Stay Saint George with which you can be sure of the increased level of safety during your stay in St. George


Free cancellations - Book directly with confidence and peace of mind. St. George Hotel and Medical Spa offers flexible rates that include free cancellations as well as a free late release option. The rules vary depending on availability. Safe accommodation - Measures are applied to all guests, including physical distance, to minimize contact and ensure safe accommodation and check-out.


Welcome to us! - You will be greeted with a warm and friendly attitude, while maintaining high professionalism and distance given the current situation. Newly introduced regulations that ensure your safe stay include:

✔ Check the temperature on arrival. For domestic guests with a temperature of 37.8 ° C (100.4 ° F) or higher, St. George's Hotel and Medical Spa will follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health
✔ It is highly recommended for all guests to wear face masks in all public areas of the hotel, including restaurants, except when sitting at tables and eating
✔ We encourage the regular use of hand sanitizers located in public areas
✔ Limited piccolo services
✔ Option for disinfection of luggage
✔ Protective screen at the reception
✔ Options for contactless payment, accommodation, check-out and concierge requests
✔ Increased levels of control cleaning and disinfection in public areas with additional attention to surfaces with high frequency of contact
✔ Application of the measures for physical distancing recommended by the Ministry of Health


✔ Deep cleaning of a room and bathroom with enhanced disinfection and additional cleaning of surfaces and objects with a high degree of contact. A special sterilizer is used to clean the bedrooms
✔ Maid cleaning:
    ▸ Limited maid service - Option for cleaning service on request. Please specify at the reception your wish for full or partial cleaning.
    ▸ Choose your valet service - we understand that during your stay you may prefer minimal interaction and we offer the following service options:
       ○ Daily room refreshment service
       ○ Do not enter - No service required - No maid will enter your room during your stay. The room will be thoroughly cleaned on your departure to welcome the next guest.
       ○ Full service
✔ Bed linen and towels are washed at a high temperature (minimum 70 ° C) to kill all potential microbes, viruses and bacteria
✔ Guest rooms are sealed only to be opened by you after a thorough cleaning and inspection between stays to ensure that improved cleaning standards and your peace of mind are met
✔ Portable tea and coffee making facilities have been removed from the guest rooms and are available on request
✔ Redirection of services and execution on request through the reception
✔ Termination of minibar service


Delicious dinner with enough distance

✔ Physical distance between tables and reduced accommodation capacity in restaurants
✔ It is recommended for all visitors who eat at St. George's to wear face masks except when sitting and eating at tables
✔ Option for individual set menu of choice with personal service or breakfast type Grab & Go by prior request
✔ Room service is available for all hotel guests with contactless delivery and environmentally friendly disposable food packaging
✔ The kitchen team and the waiters work exclusively with personal protective equipment (PPE) - gloves and masks
✔ The entire team of St. George Hotel and Medical SPA is specially trained to apply improved hygiene and cleaning procedures, including food and beverage


✔ Comprehensive hygiene and safety training to ensure consistent application for all posts. The training is constantly reviewed and improved to meet the changing recommendations of the Ministry of Health
✔ Ongoing monitoring and checking of the temperature and symptoms of our team
✔ As our hotel is constantly working, all our employees have a Green Certificate in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the Ministry of Health
✔ Workspaces and team shared spaces have been reconfigured where possible to meet physical distance guidelines. Greater flexibility is provided to our administrative staff to work from home / distance and their shifts are distributed so as to avoid maximum contact between them
✔ Personal protective equipment (PPE) is delivered to team members according to their positions, tasks and responsibilities, to be worn at all times
✔ Hand sanitizers are placed in the staff areas
✔ Improved cleaning with increased frequency of staff areas

The St. George Hotel and Medical Spa continues to monitor and respond to government health and safety directives and guidelines, and our protocols may change and improve.
Rest assured that your well-being and safety are our priority. We remain fully committed to our promise to provide a full and inspiring experience with our warm and friendly service and to always create a feeling of family and home in the heart of Pomorie.