Balneology is part of the conceptual concept of the hotel and the comfort we provide to our guests. The basis of the offered healing and restoration procedures are the greatest natural resources of Pomorie - the estuarine mud and lye.

The healing mud is extracted from the bottom of Lake Pomorie, where it is formed for centuries. Its composition includes organic substances, along with sulfate, chloride, magnesium and sodium ions. The procedures are recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, genital system, peripheral nervous system, respiratory tract and skin.

Black Sea lye, in turn, is a concentrated oily liquid saturated with magnesium salts, calcium, sodium, chlorine, bromine, sulfates, bicarbonates, trace elements, organic matter. It is obtained as a surface layer in the evaporation of water and crystallization of sea salt. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action, removes fatigue and heaviness in the extremities, improves skin condition, tones and relaxes. It has a beneficial effect on similar conditions as those associated with estuarine mud, as well as colds in the upper respiratory tract.


PARTIAL MUD APPLICATIONApply locally warmed healing mud on the problem area.20 min.25.00 BGN
MUDDY BATHBath with added mud and lye with a temperature of 37 ° - 38 ° С20 min.35.00 BGN
MUDDY MASK (FACE AND NECKLET)Apply slightly warmed mud on cleansed face and décolleté. It has a good effect on acne and oily skin.20 min.15.00 BGN
SALT BATH WITH BOWLBath with added Black Sea lye with a temperature of 37 ° - 38 ° C. It has a tonic effect.20 min.30.00 BGN
UNDERWATER JET MASSAGEA complete massage with a water jet is performed, after which aromatic salts are added for additional relaxation.20 min.50.00 BGN