About us


As seafarers, we have always had an affinity for hospitality. Therefore, we chose it as our mission. Our dream was to create a place where everyone could feel welcome. A hotel that fits elegantly into the old town of Pomorie and has a beautiful and timeless look that will attract the eye. A place for friendly guests to offer the best of ancient Anhialo in one place:

- the unique atmosphere, coziness and sights of the old town;
- first line of the sea with magnificent sea views;
- Medical SPA therapies with the greatest treasures of the region - the healing mud and lye;
- restaurant and pub for valuable gastronomic adventures;
- convenient places for shopping and a leisurely walk a step away;

When you are persistent and consistent enough, dreams come true. In 2000 year St. George Hotel - Medical SPA opened its doors. The feedback from our guests encouraged us to continue to grow and develop. In 2003 and 2005 we added new wings to the hotel. We can proudly say that today the family St. George Hotel - Medical SPA is a symbol of the best traditions in Pomorie hospitality.

Thank you for your trust!


St. George Hotel - Medical SPA is located on the first line in the old town of Pomorie. The location is casual, with beautiful views of the sea. On site and in the immediate vicinity there is everything you need for a complete vacation. Only a few steps separate you from the promenade and the bridge, park, shops, landmarks. If your goal is the beach, the golden sands await you at about 700 meters.

Wherever you go in the surroundings, you will not go wrong. The city has a special charm that seems to stop the hands of the clock and fill you with a unique sea atmosphere. In its heart, as a peaceful haven for all 4 seasons… St. George Hotel - Medical SPA awaits you.

Did we mention the restaurant, the sky bar under the stars and the generous views of the Burgas Bay?


Our main mission is your comfortable stay at St. George Hotel - Medical SPA. Whether you entrust us with your summer vacation or visit us as part of a business event, you can count on year-round excellent sea hospitality.

The communicative location allows for the simultaneous solution of practical cases such as parking and shopping, but also direct access to attractions, the promenade and all the interesting corners of the old town.

The panoramas from the comfortable rooms, studios and apartments are to the Burgas Bay or to the green town of Pomorie.

At the Medical SPA center, professional therapists take care of your complete relaxation and improvement of health with healing procedures with the greatest riches of the city - estuarine mud, lye, algae, sea water.

The restaurant invites you to delicious adventures, and the Sky Bar - a late drink under the stars.

Hospitality is a mission that includes many components. From comfortable accommodation in an excellent location and various temptations for the palate to relaxation at the Medical SPA center, every moment at Saint George Hotel is dedicated to you - because you deserve the best!

Why Pomorie

It is no coincidence that on the peninsula, which sank in the embrace of the Black Sea and Lake Pomorie, in the 5th century BC. the Thracians raised Anhialo. Over time, he went through a series of trials, from a flourishing and episcopal center minting his own coins to an arena of battles. Burned and rebuilt from the ashes, the ancient city associated with St. George has much to offer every season - from cultural and historical landmarks and endless golden beaches, to medical spa rehabilitation and recreation worldwide.

Beaches and leisurely walks

The sandy strip of Pomorie has an impressive length of 7 kilometers. You can collect tan in a different place every day. The sea is at your disposal. The old and the new port entice for romantic walks under the sun's caresses or the starry sky. Forget the car. Everything is nearby. The picturesque seaside promenade between the old and the new town guarantees endless panoramas and mood that will keep you warm during the winter months. Do you want maximum sea? In Pomorie you get it.

Balneotherapy center

Pomorie is a year-round destination for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. Estuarine mud and lye, extracted only from Lake Pomorie, contribute to the health of the musculoskeletal system, skin, peripheral nervous system and various other conditions. The palette of therapies is more than rich. Offers options to improve health and spa relaxation and rest.

Cultural-historical tourism

The Salt Museum is part of the 100 national tourist sites of Bulgaria. Extremely interesting and unique in all of Eastern Europe. It presents the attractive technology of salt extraction by solar evaporation of sea water - a livelihood traditional for Anhialo since its inception by the Thracians.

The historical Museum is housed in a beautiful old building that was once home to a Greek girls' school. The curious exhibitions present the different periods, traditions, shipping of Pomorie.

The ancient domed tomb from the II-IV century AD. is a cultural monument with an impressive construction, in which Roman and Thracian building traditions intertwine.

The Church of the Transfiguration (1765) is the oldest building in the city that has survived the cremation of Anhialo over the years. Its stone walls are built with materials from the fortress walls of the medieval city. It is part of the architectural ensemble "Old Pomorie Houses", declared a cultural monument. Today they are private homes, but the atmosphere they keep together carries the spirit of Anhial hospitality. The cobbled streets and dignified buildings still tell stories of Black Sea foundations.

The Orthodox Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God raises its body in the center of the city. It was built by the first master Gencho Kanchev in 1890. Surrounded by beautiful alleys and landscaping, today it continues to be a center of faith, and the surrounding area - a favorite place for walks of Pomorians and guests of the city.

Monastery "St. George the Victorious" has a long history and like most Bulgarian monasteries was built on the site of an older sanctuary and repeatedly destroyed. Rebuilt in the 17th century, you can learn more about its interesting history and the healing spring with the built-in bas-relief of St. George. It preserves valuable examples of iconographic art and is the only active Black Sea monastery.

City Art Gallery "Dechko Stoev" is a stage of exhibitions that every connoisseur deserves to see. It is housed in a two-storey building over 100 years old, renovated and opened in 2016. A place for culture and valuable events.It is housed in a two-storey building over 100 years old, renovated and opened in 2016. A place for culture and valuable events.

Yavorov rocks are the place where the great Bulgarian poet, who lived, worked and worked in Anhialo in 1899, drew inspiration from the sea for hours. Today there is a monument to him and a landscaped park. The annual Yavorov Days dedicated to poetry are held there.

Natural attractions and biodiversity

Pomorie Lake is a natural super-salt lagoon and home to protected plants and animals. Above it passes Via Pontica - the second largest bird migration route in Europe. Over 270 species can be observed from the Pomorie Lake Visitor Center during the different seasons. Part of the BTS sites.

Year-round emotion

Pomorie has its charm and attractiveness in every season. The seaside town invites you to a peaceful and healing spa, to history and traditions, walks and inspiration. The right place to escape and indulge in relaxation and complete rest, regardless of the season.


Pomorie is located in the golden environment of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast just 10 minutes drive from ancient Nessebar, always awake in summer Sunny Beach, Ravda, Saint Vlas, Bourgas and Akve Khalide, St. Anastasia Island, Aviation Museum... A little more minutes and kilometers: Irakli, the megalithic sanctuary Beglik Tash, the Ethnographic Center in the village of Kozichino (Erkech), the castle in Ravadinovo, Sozopol… You can visit different destinations every day, while at the same time you are in a central location. Gather impressions and memories of all the picturesque places along the coast that you have always wanted to visit, comfortably sheltered in ancient Anhialo.

We are at your disposal with ideas and guidelines, depending on your preferences - culture and history, entertainment, ethnography, sea walks, wine tourism, SPA… Pomorie and its surroundings offer options for day trips for every taste.