SPA therapies are a real bliss, with many benefits. Relax in a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere and leave yourself in the hands of our therapists. The choice is between one of the more tempting proposals:

  • intoxicating therapy "SPA wine" including massage, wine peeling and a cup of hot tea;
  • collagen therapy for face and neck, which restores radiance and youthful radiance of mature dehydrated skin;
  • Hydromarin facial therapy for exhausted and stressed skin;
  • Heavy and tired legs program with cold rubs, suitable for the prevention of venous diseases;
  • Facial therapies with Bulgarian rose;

Fragrances, active substances, specialized products, massage techniques, peels work together for your good mood, relaxation, relaxation and influence of various states. Brighten the skin, restore the tone and joy of movement, recharge with energy and peace of mind with your favorite spa therapy.

ROSE SPAA ritual for the body, spirit and senses with a calming and nourishing effect on the body. Contains rose oil and chamomile extract.85 min.95.00 BGN
HEAVY AND TIRED FEET PROGRAMTherapy to relieve pain and swelling of the lower extremities. Make cold compresses with sea salts - 15 minutes and anti-edema massage with cryo gel.30 min.50.00 BGN
"RAHIMA" (Dr. SPILLER-Germany)Nourishing and moisturizing therapy with argan oil, Baobab oil, red tulip and blue lotus extract. Includes massage and final puff cream.50 min.70.00 BGN
HYALURONIC ACID FACE THERAPY (Dr. SPILLER-Germany)Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, making it soft, toned and radiant. Includes cleansing, gentle scrub, massage, hyaluronic acid ampoule mask and final cream.