Massage is a good that has been promoting health and well-being for thousands of years. Gives moments of absolute relaxation and removes stress, headaches, pain. Reduces weight, tightens the skin, relaxes the body and calms the mind and soul.

Part of the care for the comfort of our guests is the rich medical SPA menu, in which massages have a significant part. In our country they are based on natural products such as healing Pomorie mud, grape seeds, chocolate, ash water, rose oil extracts, which have a number of benefits through the synergistic action of active substances, massage techniques, aromatherapy. Whichever massage you choose, you will not go wrong. It is always a good idea and a path to better health, fitness, minimized stress and more joy and confidence.

CLASSIC FULL BODY MASSAGE (Swedish massage)Combining stroking, stretching, divergence and other techniques for relaxation and healing of the body.50 min.70.00 BGN
CLASSIC PARTIAL MASSAGEIncludes massage of a specific area - back, scalp, massage collar, legs or feet.20 min.35.00 BGN
AROMA FACE AND NECK MASSAGEArgan oil is applied.20 min.35.00 BGN
ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGETechniques with draining effect on thighs, buttocks, hips are applied, using warming anti-cellulite oil.30 min.60.00 BGN
LYMPHODRAINAGE MASSAGEA technique is used to reduce and eliminate swelling in the limbs.30 min.60.00 BGN
THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE WITH OIL WITH POMORIAN LUGA AND HERBSIt is performed on the problem area - back, waist, legs, shoulders and others.25 min.45.00 BGN


*choose your fragrance according to your mood and desire!

Relaxing massage with aromatic oil, delight the senses.40 min.75.00 BGN
REFLECTOR FOOT MASSAGETenderness, attention and care for connoisseurs of spa treatments.20 min.40.00 BGN
ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE WITH LAVENDER OILIt has a relaxing effect on nervous tension and fatigue.40 min.70.00 BGN
MEDICAL MASSAGE WITH MAGNESIUM OILThe procedure combines the therapeutic effect of therapeutic massage with the beneficial effect of magnesium. The use of magnesium oil in the massage multiplies its healing effect.25 min.