Tourists who choose to visit the region of Pomorie Municipality remain captivated by the ancient history, the rich cultural calendar and the unique combination of sand, sun and sea.

Photo: Municipality of Pomorie

Drawing from the riches of nature, the treatment procedures in the year-round Balneo and Spa centers in Pomorie improve the musculoskeletal system. The estuarine healing mud that Pomorie Lake provides is one of the greatest natural treasures not only for Pomorie, but also for the entire country.

The bird migration route "VIA PONTIKA" passes over the lake. More than 270 species of birds nest annually in the Pomorie Salt Lake area.

Ornithology lovers have the opportunity to visit the Pomorie Lake Visitor Center, where you will receive a wealth of information about the lake's biodiversity, natural resources and protection regimes.

Anyone who wants to touch the history of this romantic destination can do so by visiting the history museum. Historical Museum - Pomorie preserves and exhibits the cultural and historical heritage of the city and the municipality. The museum building was built at the end of the 19th century as a Greek girls' school. It is a cultural monument of local importance. Exhibits from the Department of Archaeology, Ethnography and New History can be seen in the halls of the museum.

Here is also the unique Ancient Dome Tomb, as well as the only specialized Salt Museum on the Balkan Peninsula, part of the hundred national sites.

Pomorie, the city of antiquity, romance and eternity, awaits you for a different and emotionally charged experience!


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